Custom Espadrilles


Treat yourself while reducing your environmental impact, it’s possible ! OTXANGOA gives a second life to your Jeans by transforming them into Espadrilles. Made in Mauléon in the Basque Country, each model is UNIQUE and available in 3 shades of blue (the shades may vary depending on the denim, it’s the Games !). If jeans are a product appreciated for their comfort, the same goes for these espadrilles, sewn by hand and resulting from traditional know-how Jute rope yarn and rubber for the sole (rubber obtained after treatment of latex, itself obtained thanks to bleeding made on trees growing in tropical areas). Artist Alba Santoro, Franco-Italian illustrator and artist, personalizes each of your espadrilles by hand. 3 illustrations with a marine evocation are possible: The Shell, the Medusa and the Wave. Each pair of espadrilles is unique ! These espadrilles meet the specifications of the “Mauléon” brand, guaranteeing you that they are 100% made in Basque Country. Size advice: If you have a strong foot, take a size larger, otherwise, take your usual size.
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