The customized espadrille by MODJO ( Limited Edition )



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Modjo is from the Basque coast, he likes to represent through his paintings and drawings, the ocean and the sea where nature reigns. Being a perfectionist, Modjo uses dotwork to achieve much of his work.

Size advice: If you have a strong foot, take a size larger, otherwise, usual size !

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2 possible illustrations: the whale or the marine anchor.

Each pair of espadrilles is a UNIQUE product ! They are made from recycled denims, customized and sewn by hand.

Once personalized, these espadrilles cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Cold water, soap, and sponge


In order to reduce overproduction and waste, we place an order every two weeks to our partner. The delivery of your « Espadrilles »  is expected 3 weeks after you place your order.

If you select a personalized product, add ten days.



GEBETEX is a sorting center approved the Eco-organization ECO TLC.
This center sorts 20 tonnes of textiles per day and joined us as a partner during our Crouwdfunding campaign last mai. 95% of the textiles sorted by Gebetex are recovered and recycled.
GEBETEX collaborates with associations and insertion companies throughout France. Thus the Jeans that you make available will be transformed into finances for the actions of locales association or integration company working with the GEBETEX group. These will then be directed towards treatment channels in accordance with the ECO TLC specifications.

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From recycled denims, each model is UNIQUE and available in 1 single shade (black shades may vary depending on the denim, that’s the game !).

If jeans are a product appreciated for their comfort, so are these espadrilles, sewn by hand and resulting from traditional know-how. Rope jute yarn and rubber for the sole (rubber obtained after treatment of the latex, itself obtained by bleeding made on rubber trees, trees growing in tropical areas).

These espadrilles meet the specifications of the “Mauléon” brand, thus guaranteeing you that they are 100% Basque Country.


Our espadrilles are handmade in France in the workshop of our partner, whose know-how has been transmited since 3 generations.
The profession of espadrilles maker is part of the history of the Pyrenean industry of which Stéphan is a fervent defender.
Our manufacturer is a partner committed to an artisanal and eco responsible manufacturing process, he notably has the “Mauléon” label which guarantees the customer that his product is made in France.



“Having grown up on the Basque coast near Biarritz and coming from a former sailors family, Modjo has been immersed since he was a baby in the world of the sea, boats and fishing. He likes to represent through his paintings and drawings, the ocean and the sea where nature is queen, and finally regains her rights over the human species.

The artist sometimes lets himself create works around the vast world of motorcycles, having developed a passion for the artistic and aesthetic side of these bikes which tell a story. Being a perfectionist, Modjo uses dotwork to achieve a large part of his work. He defines himself quite simply as a picky artist, and what could be more precise than a point? “

To discover the universe and all of Modjo’s achievements, it’s this here ➡️


Created by a Design Agency in the Basque Country.

Made in france

Products designed and manufactured in France.


Ecological and functional products.

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Weight 0.600 kg

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47


Baleine, Ancre

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